Book Design & Typesetting
I'm happy to consider any scale of book design project from simple text-only novels and short story collections to more complex reference and guide books. I have particular experience in designing food books, biographical works and education resources. 
Project scope can range from single volumes to multi edition boxed sets. I'm also happy to work on part-projects such as content layout and typesetting (if you already have a cover), or cover only projects, whatever your needs.
Record Covers and Music Packaging
With the resurgence of vinyl, I am increasingly working with independent music labels to produce designs for record sleeves, box set collections and the accompanying booklets. 
Music has been a passion for me throughout my life and the main reason I started looking at graphic design as a career back in school, so I'm always interested in getting involved with any music related design project, whether it's a single record cover or complete back catalogue.
Proofreading and Editing
Ideally a book manuscript would be fully edited, proofread and corrected before supplying to me for design and typesetting. If you require any final proofreading and editing, I can arrange this service from an experienced professional for an additional fee.
How much will it cost?
I’ve found over the years that every project is so different and has such specific needs that it is better, for both my clients and myself, to create a clear project scope and a fixed price rather than charging by the hour or by the page. You will know exactly what services and deliverables I will provide and how much you will invest in the project. No surprises. 
So please give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss your project in more detail.
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